About me

Started working with computers at around 10 (30 years ago.. got old hum) trying to get my games running on 2/86 pc. In the very beginning it was required to gain background knowledge for even playing simple games (to less hard disk space, to less mem...).

Later on, when the internet came up in the late 90's I started chatting (ms chat as I had no own pc and really been a newbie), got in contact with other enthusiast, got more interested, started with linux (finally irssi!) next to windows, coding, databases and network protocols.

From that time on I am very dedicated to new technologies and everything around. I love getting things done, the 'right way'. Thinking about processes, teaching people in different topics and managing processes or projects.

Right now I am working for a company providing a textile erp system where I take care of the c# & c++ system and client parts (wpf/services/systemd/...), managing and tuning operating systems (even an iSeries) and databases, handling machine interfaces (rs232/modbus/tcp/opc ua). Furthermore taking care of relations to our software partners.